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About me

Videographer, photographer, artist...

"Hello you! I'm Shivado, the camera guru, wedding ninja, and decoder of emotions for over a decade. I've walked through more bouquets of flowers than I can count, dodged dancers more energetic than kangaroos on adrenaline, and captured moments more real than morning coffee.

I fell in love with the world of weddings, not just for the beautiful dresses and well-pressed tuxedos, but for the pure energy that makes the heart of every ceremony beat. I love diving into the unexpected, capturing those moments that make grandma smile and the toughest witness cry.

My thing is to turn every “I want it” into a cinematic epic. I bring more than a camera, I am the director of your memories, the director of your emotions, and the guarantor of the eternity of your craziest moments.

So, if you're looking for someone to document your big day with a zest of craziness, a pinch of authenticity, and a whole lot of love, I have the heart, the camera, and the sense of humor ready to help. 'action. Get ready to see your marriage from a new perspective, mine"

Wedding CLIP 2023 - Marie & Miguel
Wedding clip of Laura & Yannick
Elsa & Gaylord - Wedding clip 2023
Wedding film Bery & Matthew - 2023
Marie & Pierre - Juin 2022 - Wedding Clip
Wedding clip Clelia & Yannick - Juillet 2022
Wedding clip - Thomas & Giulia - Sept 2022

Your wedding memories


"Love is a treasure of memories"

(Honoré de Balzac)

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